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elisa; norman reedus is my favorite dork. andrew lincoln needs a twitty account. currently waiting for rickyl's wedding. LU.FU // // +about

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They have arrived. Let the crying begin.


Comicon!!!! Here we come



I’m completely in love with the last rickyl picture. If there is any rickyl scenes in the new trailer, consider me dead already.



laxmorales replied to your post “[#poor thing #he really thinks Daryl will survive] ELISA!”

you made ME sad too. i don’t think anyone will be sadder than norman though. :( *runs off crying*

I know, he will be devastated ;________;
Let’s just go back in sweet denial


RICKYL!!! @wwwbigbaldhead just tweeted this. Thank you Norman! :)

stuff-and-thangs: you are loved! pass this on to 10 followers you want to have a really great day! (。◕ ‿ ◕。)


Red can symbolize anything from blood, to love, to infatuation